All cakes are filled with a base of Italian meringue buttercream. Italian meringue buttercream is a silky smooth whipped filling made with egg whites and butter. It is much less sweet than other frostings like American buttercream, which can be overbearingly sweet and leave a gritty feel on your palate. 


  • Vietnamese Coffee (Vanilla white cake, chocolate ganache, Vietnamese espresso buttercream)

  • Very Berry (Vanilla white cake, mix berries buttercream and fresh raspberry, blueberry, strawberry )

  • Chocolate And Strawberry (Chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, and fresh strawberry)

  • Japanese Matcha (Vanilla white cake, matcha buttercream)

  • Vietnamese Exotic Durian Cake ( Viet Nam's super duper exotic fruit)

  • Chocolate Oreo (Chocolate cake/ Red Velvet cake and Oreo cookie buttercream)

  • Tiramisu (white cake, coffee espresso, and mascarpone cheese)

  • Pineapple (white cake, homemade pineapple jams)