Each box contains four traditional baked mooncakes.

NO SALTED EGG- Assorted 4 Mooncakes Gift Set

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  • Instruction

    1. Generally, five nuts mooncakes can be kept for about 15 days at a temperature below 25C (75 F) and those filled with sweet bean paste, lotus seed paste and jcoconut ... less than 7 days; if the temperature is higher than 30C (86 F), the storage period should be no longer than 4 days. If you want to keep it longer more than a month, please keep it in freezer.

    2. Keep in a cool, dry, ventilated place and avoid storage in direct sunlight or near sources of heat. Traditional moon cakes contain rich oil and sugar, so both heat and humidity can cause them to go bad.

    3. Store them in a separate place so they don't pick up odors from other foods.

    4. Handle gently. Those special cakes have soft, loose crusts. Any mishandling may break them.

    5. Mooncake tastes better in room temperature.

    Let us raise a toast for a happy and healthy future. Wishing you a very blessed Mid-Autumn Day!